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Idraton ® 245

Idraton ® 245
Oral rehydration solution compliant with the WHO and UNICEF guidelines, excellent flavor, and contains only what you need for rehydration.
Oral rehydration solution compliant with the WHO and UNICEF guidelines, excellent flavor, and contains only what you need for rehydration.

Idraton® 245
Packaging: 10-packet box, powder to be dispersed in non-carbonated water.
Retail price in Italy: € 8.80
Composition per dose: see nutritional information below.
Flavor: orange.
Hypotonic oral rehydration formulation, compliant with the recent World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF recommendations, indicated for the treatment of dehydration from diarrhea. The mentioned bodies have recently changed the relationship between electrolytes and also defined the ideal osmolarity for oral rehydration solutions, decreasing it to 245 mOsm/L. This value provides more effective rehydration.

This product stands out for its excellent orange flavor that allows for easier intake, unlike many other products available on the market.


Nutritional information
  1 packet, g 4.7
(per 200 mL of beverage, ready for use)
5 packets, g 23.5
(per 1 liter of beverage, ready for use)
Energy kcal 15,8 / kJ 66,99 kcal 79,1 / kJ 335,0
Unit of measurement g g / mMol per liter
Protein 0,075 0,4
Carbohydrate 3,376 16,9
Fat 0,230 1,1
Glucose 2,700 13,500 / 75
Potassium 0,156 0,782 / 20
Sodium 0,345 1,724 / 75
Citrate 0,385 1,923 / 10
Chloride 0,461 2,304 / 65
Osmolarity mOsm/l 245 (245)
* WHO-recommended values in brackets: Innovares has reported the average values.
Diabetic subjects: admitted.
Celiac subjects: the product batches analyzed to date tested negative to gluten (<10 ppm).

IDRATON 245 ® is a low-osmolarity (245 mOsm/L H2O) oral rehydration solution, formulated according to the recent World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) recommendations. IDRATON 245 ® is based on a sodium-glucose cotransport system by enterocytes. This system remains intact in spite of gastroenteritis. In both secretory diarrhea and osmotic diarrhea, this system allows for water to be carried from the intestinal lumen into the enterocytes and from the enterocytes into the plasma, as long as it is administered concurrently with sodium and glucose, properly diluted in a correct ratio. Unlike other oral rehydration preparations, IDRATON 245 ® has the advantage of an easier intake thanks to its tasty orange flavor.

Dehydration caused by infectious diarrhea.
Chronic intestinal failure after extensive bowel resection (short bowel syndrome), chronic alterations of intestinal motility, and widespread non-reversible intestinal mucosal abnormalities.
Intestinal malabsorption or altered bowel transit after gastrectomy, gastroparesis, pancreatic resection, biliopancreatic diversion, bariatric surgery, celiac disease, etc.
Diarrhea associated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
High temperature in elderly subjects.
Carriers of ileostomy.
Diarrhea caused by chronic inflammatory bowel diseases.
ehydration in sports and/or work activities that are very demanding in terms of hydroelectrolytic balance

Severe dehydration: Dissolve 1 packet in 200 mL of water (5 packets/liter). Drink 1-2 liters of beverage daily or as recommended by your Doctor. ou should refer to this ratio to obtain adequate electrolyte levels (245 mOsm/L). In other conditions of dehydration, and/or significant salt and water loss, and increased need for salt and water: 2/3 packets in 1 liter of water, then drink as you wish.

In the case of kidney failure and heart failure, speak with a Doctor before taking the preparation.

According to Pediatrician’s instructions.

According to Doctor’s instructions. The product contains sucralose, a sweetener made from sugar (sucrose).

Insufficienza renale grave, scompenso cardiaco grave, ileo dinamico.

- Notified to the Italian Ministry of Health;
- Produced in a manufacturing site authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health and according to GMP manufacturing standards.

Dietary supplement notified to the Italian Ministry of Health.